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This past weekend Erin and I got to spend a few hours together, this is very rare I mean like once every six months it seems nearly impossible for us to both get some time together and when we do, we usually go to lunch. This time we went to a place called Mimi’s Cafe. This restaurant is part of a chain that spans almost the entire southern half of the united states. If you have a Mimi’s and you haven’t been go there you wont regret it. My recipe tonight was inspired from a sandwich I ate this last time I visited.

La Femme

You will need:


Whole grain artisan loaf

lettuce or fresh greens



cheese your choice I added Swiss

classico brand pesto sauce


(it looks like this)

2 Chicken breasts


So first things first you need to cut your breast in half butterfly style so you can thin them out.

Pour about a tablespoon of EVOO  in a pan and toss your breasts in with a little salt and pepper. Fry these at medium high heat.

Meanwhile take about a 1/3 cup of  Mayo and 3 tablespoons of pesto (more or less to taste) and mix in a small dish.  At this point I added the cheese so it could melt once I had turned the chicken.

Slice up your bread loaf and butter both sides of the bread and toast lightly in another pan. Keep a watch on your chicken as you do not want it to be over done.

Once you bread is toasted your meat should be about done turn off the heat and let it rest for a few min while you build your sandwiches.

La Femme Sticks style

La Femme Sticks style

I spread the sandwich spread on both slices of bread then add lettuce and tomatoes I put the chicken on and.. voila it’s a la femme. I served this sandwich tonight with a side of soup however the sandwich is more than filling served alone.


Kimmy (the sticks)




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So tonight I made patty melts there is no particular reason why in fact I have never made them for my family. I really love how simple they are Patty Melts only take 5 main ingredients and about 3 frying pans, yes I said 3.

Here is what you will need



rye bread


swiss cheese

And that is it aside from some salt and pepper.

First things first cut up one large onion in to strips and drop in a frying pan with about  table spoons of butter.



While those are cooking up prepare your meat but remember to stir your onions occasionally so they don’t burn and so they cook evenly.

In your ground beef add some salt and pepper about tsp each and some Worcestershire sauce ( how do you even say that word does anyone know?)

mix these together well and form some patties. Mountain man likes them thick and meaty so that is the way I did them I would guess they were probably 1/3 lb patties

ground burger

ground burger


Check your onions! You have been stirring them right? Good that’s very good.

Now throw your patties in a hot pan and smoke up your whole house so that is smells like a bowling alley. I am doing this in my house because well it’s been sub zero outside the last few days and trying to use the barbeque is just not going to happen tonight.

thick patties

thick patties

Turn the onions off they are probably done now.

Now comes all the things I didn’t take pictures of because I was trying to air out the kitchen and wipe up all the grease. I really should have used the George Forman grill that is still in the box and we have never used but have owned for about 3 years but I didn’t and I regret it.

Melt about a tablespoon of butter in a pan and sop it up with your bread or spread some on the bread and toast the in the pan either or it really doesn’t matter as long as your bread is buttery and crispy and toasty.

Melt some swiss on each slice of bread . Then pile it all on meat then onion.

Patty Melts

Patty Melts

Now I did not melt the cheese enough on this one but it all kind of melted together after a min or so. Now bite into this and just die from the odd yet perfect taste of rye bread and butter. Oh and the onions and cheese and meat of course.



( the sticks)




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