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As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a coupon-er. There I said it. I wont pay full price for anything I have been feeling really unmotivated with my grocery shopping for a while and I thought if I posted my haul today it might get me in the mood.

So here is what I picked up at wally world.


This pictures contains

Hot Italian Sausage

Greek Pitas

Baby Carrotts

Hot Dog Buns

Dozen Doughnuts

IBProufen 100ct


red grapes

scentsy wax

2bell peppers

Head of lettuce

mushrooms white pre sliced

5 lbs of chicken boneless skinless breasts

Crystal light (mio copy cat thingys) 3 of them

Gain Fire works fabric softenener

1 gallon of milk

Finish 32 count dishwasher tabs

Fiber one bars 4 boxes

Quaker granola bars 3 boxes

2 Bales of Pine Shavings for the chikens

Regular cost at my walmart would have been $89.45 after coupons and price matches I paid only $54.55

I saved 34.90 and only 11 dollars of that was coupons so even if you dont want to coupon and that is to time consuming for your lifestyle,  I think it is important that everyone price match considering most of my saving was from price matching.


Kimmy ( the sticks)





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