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My mom recently asked me to come up with an idea to help her re-organize her jewelry and still make it “attractive” looking because there is no door between her bathroom and bedroom and she did not want the jewelry to be unsightly.  After some Pinterest research and innovative thinking, I came up with a solution that seemed to work very well.

We started with this.  The necklaces were piled on hooks on the wall which truthfully did not look bad I guess but it wasn’t very functional and they were so close to the shower that they were starting to get weather worn.


The earrings were on a small rack on a table, along with many other things 🙂

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Now, for the end result!


First of course, we went through the pile of stuff on the table.  It is one of those areas that just accumulate things and most often, when you go through those places in your house, you find that more than half can be tossed in the garbage or re-organized to a new (more fitting) place in your home.  Next, handled the necklaces.  We installed a curtain rod on the wall and hung shower curtain hooks on it to hold the necklaces.  Make sure you get an S hook or some style that you can just hang the necklace on.  It may be a pain in the buns to have to undo the hooks every time you want a necklace off of it (we wanted look AND function here).  The brilliance here:  Double hang shower hooks!  These are designed with TWO hooks on each one.


Next, we tackled earrings.  This took a little more prep and craft.  I purchased two 8 x10 frames from Hobby Lobby (on sale so it is price conscious) and removed the glass and used pliers to remove the little metal prongs that hold the back in.  For the dangled earring with the hook on the back, I simply used hanging wire (from Joanns but you can find it almost anywhere that sells frames), just be careful not to put kinks in it because you can see them in the end if there are some.  I picked where I wanted the wires to sit and measured on both sides so that they were straight.  If they are not, the earrings may slip down to one side.  I glued one end of the wire to the inside of the frame on the back (with a hot glue gun), cut to fit, and then glued to the other side using pliers to hold the wire tight while the glue dries.  Finally, attach something to the back that you can use to hang the frame.


Now for the stud type earrings.  I removed the glass and prongs again and hot glued window screen into it.  I used an aluminum screen.  To make this easy to access the earrings, rather than hanging in on the wall in a normal fashion, add small hinges to one side and attach it that way.  It will then swing open so that you can easily get to both sides.

20131111_212737 20131111_212755

That’s it.  It is pretty and functional.  It is pricey compared to a simple earring holder but not super pricey I guess.  The frames were $6 each, the wire was $3 I think, the screen I already had on hand but probably cost about $6 (although you will only use a SMALL amount), and I don’t remember the cost of the hinges.  For the necklace arrangement, the hooks cost about $7 for 12 of them and the rod cost about $10.  It is a more expensive arrangement of jewelry but it holds a lot, keeping it all out so you can see it and still looks organized.

Erin, The Burbs


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