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I have to watch my money just like so many of us do,¬† however I feel that I really have to have a good stockpile because well I live in a town with no grocery store. We have a small convenience store that has some goods basically a one wall grocery aisle that has odds and ends if you need them but I try to have a good stockpile. The nearest grocer is on the other side of the nearest town it is about¬† 12 miles from here I also believe this store to be the biggest rip off in the state. The prices are ridiculous while it is nice to have it when I don’t have time to make the over 30 mile drive to my nearest smiths or wal mart I refuse to shop there unless I have to. This week I had to. I just needed a loaf of bread and I couldn’t drive to wal mart for a loaf of bread that is just stupid. So I went to the Market bought a loaf of bread that was on sale for 2.50 mind you for crappy white bread and then when I got home and checked the date I realized that it would expire in 3 days. This is really typical for this store. I also browsed a bit and picked up a package of fresh basil because I wanted to make a pesto. Well That is not going to happen I inspected the package the herb was wilted and had mold growing why the hell is this on the shelf. So I handed it to the guy stocking lettuce and paid for my bread and walked out of the store.

Anyway I am getting off track while explaining my utter disgust with our grocer. So I try to stock up once I had to buy some cold medicine there and paid 16 Dollars for Tylenol cold medicine. Normally I wont pay more than 2 dollars for triaminic that is because with coupons and price matching I can get it that cheap so when I have 4 coupons for something and it is on sale for a great price I buy 4 of them. Make sense? I am not an extreme couponer extreme coupoining disgusts me. There is no need for 150 mustards just because they are free. I do however like to stock up on the things we use.

The other day Smiths was having a good sale on some products so when you see what I bought you may be a bit confused but keep in mind I only buy what is on sale and then I combine it with coupons to get the lowest price possible. So Here is what I Bought.

I have here….

12 rolls of cottonelle TP

4 Bags of Arm and Hammer Laundry single load packs

1 Box of Finish Dish Detergent

6 Boxes of Cake Mix

1 Bag of Goldfish Grahams

8 Bags of Nabisco snack Saks

2 Bags of Doritos

4 boxes of Hefty Freezer Bags

3 boxes of Kleenex Tissues

3 Boxes of Bayer Aspirin

These were on sale at my wal mart for 2.99 I had a coupon for 3.00 I got these for free!

Let me just mention here that my savings on this trip was 72%

My total before coupons and fresh values savings would have been 101.12. I paid 29.26. This is why I coupon every week.


Now I obviously couldn’t feed my family with what I bought this day but I have a stock pile that I created by doing this I have plenty of treats for school lunches and snacks for my toddler. I have a couple of months worth of laundry detergent here and freezer bags for all those freezer meals not to mention some of the other goodies.

Clip away save money just try it even if you take a few coupons you are saving money but once you learn to do it right it doesn’t take much time and it will become a way of life for you.

Happy Clipping


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