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I have always tried to have my kids take vitamins and once in awhile, I make an attempt to take them myself but with everything else that goes on in the evening, I have never managed to have myself or my kids take them consistently.  I decided to try a new tactic at organizing the vitamins that might make it easier each night and this has been working really well for about 3 weeks now.

I ran to the store and got 4 different pill organizers from the pharmacy department.  Next, I organized all my vitamin bottles and decided how often I thought each one should be taken and I wrote that on the side of the bottle (well, actually, I used a label machine).  Then, every Sunday, I sit down for 5 minutes and fill the entire week up with vitamins for each person in the family.  I always include a multi-vitamin and then add certain vitamins and supplements as they seem needed.  For example, in the winter with all the colds and things, I include Vitamin C.  Right now, I have also included a supplement to help my teeth because I had a cavity last year and feel they need to be strengthened.

The kids look like this:


And my husband’s and mine look like this:


I am loving how easy this makes things.  It has been incorporated into our nightly routine and it is super easy and quick because I don’t have to open 10 bottles.

Erin, The Burbs


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I just called my mom to check in with her a bit and got a funny story from her.  She has hardwood floors in her kitchen and dining room and she is having more installed in her entry way and down the hall that leads to the bedrooms (one of which is her office at home).  While this is being done, they cannot walk down the hallway to get to their bedroom or her office so they have come up with a solution that is quite funny.  In order to get to her bedroom, she must go out her back door and climb up a small ladder to her bedroom window and hoist herself through that and onto her bed in her bedroom.  To get to her office she must then go from her bedroom over a little makeshift bridge that goes from her bedroom to her office across the hall.  While this may not seem too funny, I have to picture my mom doing this for 3 days straight.  Each time she needs to do anything in her office or bedroom she will need to do this and each time she needs to go back to the kitchen or anywhere else in the house she will have to climb out her bedroom window and go back inside the house via the back door.  All of which is in the middle of winter where temperatures in the middle of the day here have been in the 20F’s on a good day.  She promised she would send pictures of these ventures as they progressed so I will update with a few if they are as funny as I am picturing in my head.

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As some of you may know, I have been SLOWLY redecorating or remodeling my house room by room.  I have so far shown you one bathroom.  I know, lots of progress right?!?!  Well, we finally did my daughter’s bedroom.  I liked the french boudiour style but she is only 5 so I wanted to keep it a little more simple and juvenile.  Those french boudiour rooms seem to have a lot of decor and with the crap she keeps in her room, I figured it would be too full and look dirty all the time!  So this is what we ended up with (please ignore the carpet, we have to have all the carpet replaced later).


We installed a chandelier to replace the ceiling light as well as a wall sconce (with a switch right by it) up on the wall by the bed so she could turn a reading light on and off.  We put a vanity and drapes under the bed to give her a little “privacy” room which she loves to use when she is being dramatic about us “seeing her change clothes”.


I added a valance and simple drapes (I may replace them later with ones I make with more care but these work for now).


I changed the hardware on her closet to little jewel type handles.


We also used a vinyl stencil to paint her name and a small ifle tower (on the wall above the dresser).


As you can see we added small decorations around too.  Some of them are….various little wall hangings like a door handle, mirror, and coat hook, large diamond style paperweights on the dresser, and a glass perfume bottle on the vanity.

All in all, I think it turned out well.  We spent about $500 total with bedding, decor, paint, and lighting stuff.  It was actually the lighting and bedding that took most of that budget too.


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So it just dawned on my while trolling facebook that Mother’s Day is next week. How the hell did that happen? I loath mothers day, I think I got it from my mom, she hates it too as does my mother in law. I think it is because mothers day makes you feel like a shitty mom. I think we all feel like shitty mom’s from time to time. I try to do my best but my best is far from good I am sure. My kids are clothed, fed, chauffeured from place to place, but I am not of a get down on my knees and play with my kidlets kinda gal neither is Erin BTW. I had to throw that in there so I didn’t feel like I was the only one who feels like crap for not playing with her kids. So yes I did it i threw my Bestie under the bus.

Anyway, I think I get up on mothers day expecting some sort of miracle. The table will be set with fresh flower in a vase as a center piece my children will be well behaved, perfectly groomed and kind to each other. My husband the Mountain Man would rub my feet and back and tell me what a great mother I am while  keeping my coffee cup always full.  I really dont want much just a clean house when I wake up and hot coffee maybe a nap I forgot what those are even all about I would like to try them again.

However, my mother’s day goes more like this. I am woken up by the sound of children fighting over a box of cereal at 6:30 a.m. I pull my self out of bed and start brewing my keurig meanwhile wrangling the kids and reminding them the animals need to be fed before them. Then I plop on the couch and pop two Excedrin because it is mothers day and I will have a headache. Mountain Man will roll out of bed at around 9:30 because I have kept the kids quiet for him. Then we begin the fight to get ready to go visit the Grandma’s, apparently bathing and getting dressed has become a new form of mid-evil torture for my children we will make it out the door at 1:00 and the kids will be starving at that point so we will enjoy a gourmet meal of Mcdonlds on our way to visit mountain mans mom. After and hour there we will return home and I will go down the street to visit my mother. Then Mountain Man will prepare to go back to work while I throw together some simple dinner like the dreaded spaghetti. Mountain Man will stuff his face grab is bag and be off to work and I will be left alone with the kids. If it goes well I may be able to talk the three stooges into playing on the tramp for a few hours before bedtime, that of course depends on how big of a mess my house is I may need them for child labor. Then I will put them to bed at 9 and sit on the couch and watch reruns until I cant keep my eyes open anymore as this is what I really want piece an quiet and a cup of coffee that is all I want maybe a back rub would be nice as well.  We dont want flowers, perfect families, breakfast in bed, big gifts, or any of that crap what we want for mothers’ day is to pretend we are not mothers. That is all I want anyway.

I found this I thought it was pretty funny

I found this I thought it was pretty funny

Kimmy ( the sticks)

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Every time I watch this commercial I laugh so hard I nearly SHIP MY PANTS. I thinks it’s because I am a incredibly immature individual especially when it comes to crude humor, the more disgusting the better.

Ha Ha Ha,

Your welcome,

Kimmy (the sticks)

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After some bad new tonight and some disappointment I really needed a laugh, And I came across this and I was laughing out loud by about 4 images in. I am warning you this is adult content viewer discretion is advised.

iphone auto correct fails

I hope you laughed as hard as I did
Kim (the sticks)

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Every year on our anniversary, Husband and I exchange new rings (not wedding rings, those are always with us, these are a second ring for our right hand).  The rings always have a new inscription on them and we love the tradition even though it is new.

This year, my ring is wood!  I love it!  It is pretty and comfortable and the care is pretty easy.  It was purchased from http://www.artistreewoodart.com.  All the rings are carefully made and are good quality.  There are a number of different styles and wood varieties to choose from and they are very well priced (believe me, I compared).  The owner, Dale, is good in response time and quite helpful.  If you want to try out a wood ring, I strongly suggest his site.  Ooh, and he engraves.  That is the most expensive part but again, pretty worth it!

This is not a good photo at all, the weather is not creating good lighting.  For a more accurate idea of how the rings look, check out the website I recommended.

This is not a good photo at all, the weather is not creating good lighting. For a more accurate idea of how the rings look, check out the website I recommended.

Please note that wood has a little more care involved than a traditional ring.  It should be rubbed with beeswax periodically and should be taken off before washing hands or showering.  I do not know how long a ring like this can last but Dale says that while they obviously don’t last as long as a metal or traditional ring, there lifetime is good when they are taken care of.

Erin, The Burbs

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