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Husband and I had an idea that we thought may be great.  We have not done it yet, so keep that in mind.  This is a try at your own risk sort of idea.  We thought we would give the kids a set of coupons for their birthday to give them exceptions to the rules that normally don’t get exceptions.  We have things like a free day off school, a curfew extension, etc.

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Some of the coupons have fine print and some have the “right to refuse” by the parents.  Here is the reason.  We have a “skip school” coupon.  If there is something that I truly think my child is avoiding at school that I think they shouldn’t be, I might refuse the coupon.  However, it is something that I really do want to try not to refuse, even if its hard.  For example, we have a “skip chores” coupon.  If my child decides that she wants to skip chores one day and her room is a disaster area and we have company coming tomorrow, I know I would want to refuse the coupon but that is the point of these.  It allows them to exercise some privilege that I may not LOVE!  So if her bedroom is a hazard zone that should be quarantined by the CDC and I have company over, I will deal with it.  Its not the end of the world.

I am hoping this will give them some excitement and allow them some control.  Kids love control more than anything and the reality is that this will allow them to exercise some control within our approval.  I am also hoping that this will have some natural consequences.  While I won’t let my kids skip school on a test day because they should not be skipping tests, it would be great if they missed an event or something so that they understand whether worth it or not, there are natural consequences to decisions.

If you want to give them a try, get them here or make your own.  I would be interested to hear your experience with them if you try them out!

Erin, The Burbs


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