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Well it has been an eternity since I have posted. Life has gotten crazy. Those adorable little kids from years ago are all grown up, I have 2 in high school this year. That is right 2, a freshman and a sophomore. But this post is actually about my 3rd grader. I, for some odd reason put together a little gift for his teacher. We have back to school night in 2 days and I wanted to bring something to his new teacher. So while at the good old Walmart buying all the school supplies for my older kids I picked up a few things that I thought she could use. Clorox wipes, Germ x and tissues. Then I got thinking how in the hell am I going to put these together to be a cute gift.  I had some ribbon and cellophane laying around so I wrapped it up. Then I spent the last hour trying make words rhyme and coming up with a cute poem. Below is the result.



back to school gift

Back to school Teacher Gift


The result was pretty cute If you were not in a hurry this would be really cute you could add tissue paper, more ribbon and really deck out the poem with cuter font and designs. I am however not usually that crafty. Here is a copy of the poem for you to copy and past for personal use only.

The first day of school is almost here

And I’m excited you’re my teacher this year.

I know I’m really going to learn a lot,

Science and math are thing I love to be taught.

Before we know it, it will be cold and wet,

Kids will be coughing and sneezing I bet.

And there will be germs all over the place.

Here’s a few things to keep our class a clean space.

I’m so excited it’s will be hard to sleep.

But I’ll see you tomorrow with new shoes on my feet.


  • Kimmy (The sticks)



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