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I just called my mom to check in with her a bit and got a funny story from her.  She has hardwood floors in her kitchen and dining room and she is having more installed in her entry way and down the hall that leads to the bedrooms (one of which is her office at home).  While this is being done, they cannot walk down the hallway to get to their bedroom or her office so they have come up with a solution that is quite funny.  In order to get to her bedroom, she must go out her back door and climb up a small ladder to her bedroom window and hoist herself through that and onto her bed in her bedroom.  To get to her office she must then go from her bedroom over a little makeshift bridge that goes from her bedroom to her office across the hall.  While this may not seem too funny, I have to picture my mom doing this for 3 days straight.  Each time she needs to do anything in her office or bedroom she will need to do this and each time she needs to go back to the kitchen or anywhere else in the house she will have to climb out her bedroom window and go back inside the house via the back door.  All of which is in the middle of winter where temperatures in the middle of the day here have been in the 20F’s on a good day.  She promised she would send pictures of these ventures as they progressed so I will update with a few if they are as funny as I am picturing in my head.


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