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Today I got some news that was not life altering or horrible but still did not make me happy.  The short version is that something my Husband wants to sentimental reasons is going to cost about $2000 more than it should and it is because of a person’s poor (in my opinion) choice.  So after adding to the very phone bill that connects Kim and I and inspired the start of this blog that we share all so that I could complain about it,  I remembered the sermon from church on Sunday and had a slight change of heart.  I will keep it short, I promise.

We have all heard “life’s not fair” right?  The basics of this sermon was that “life is not fair” is sort of an inaccurate way of describing it because fair implies that we were owed something to begin with or deserved as much as other people get.  We really are not owed or deserve any particulars in life so when things happen for some people and not others, we should consider life to be “uneven” rather than “unfair”.

Not a super deep idea but still sort of profound if you are struggling with the unevenness of life, which I am for the moment.


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Hey guys.  It is that time of year when everybody and their dogs made New Year’s resolutions and only a small amount of them have kept up with them.  For any of you that resolved to eat healthy or diet or whatever it was around your daily food, I hope you are doing well.  If not, its okay, get back on that horse.

I find that when I am eating healthy, I often run out of snack ideas.  I get a few, eat them often and get bored.  Here is one that I almost never get bored of.

Just take a stalk or two of celery and cut the ends off and cut them in half so you have two shorter celery stalks.  Wrap each one in a piece of deli turkey or deli ham and eat!  I tend to prefer ham because there is more taste but on the days when I have to really watch what I snack on, I go to turkey.  Still tastes yummy but has a little less calories than ham.


Erin, The Burbs

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I love shrimp tacos, and fish tacos, and chicken tacos, and beef tacos….and well I have a fetish for tacos. Anything Mexican really I like my food to have some sass to it. Tonight I was craving some fish tacos but I dont have any fish well I thought I didn’t until I just wrote that and realized I do have some in the deep freeze but oh well shrimp tacos are easy. So Here is what you will need…..
small deveined and tails removed shrimp about 1/3 cup
a little cilantro
avocado slices
cabbage green about 1/3 cup
tortilla 2 – 6 in or 1 – 8 in
lime wedge
cayenne powder
garlic salt
tsp of butter

First turn up your frying pan to med high and melt your butter then add your shrimp let fry for a few min while you prepare your fixins’
heat up your tortilla and cut up your cabbage into thin strips and add a few slices of avocado and some cilantro to your plate as well as a wedge of lime.
Now go back to your pan and season your prawns. I like a light dusting of Cayenne and cumin as well as plenty of garlic salt and pepper. Toss it around in the pan a few times and make sure it is cooked evenly.
Pull the shrimp out of the pan with a slotted spoon and add to your plate.
shrimp taco
Then layer onto your plate according to preference and enjoy some baja fresh mex goodness.
Now I am making this for myself because my family are a bunch of fish haters. However, if I was making this for a group I would serve with a side of black beans and cherry tomato salsa and tangy lime rice look for those recipes to come sometime in the near future.
Kimmy ( the sticks)

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Funny for the Day

fun lollipop

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So I found this post while browsing around on pinterest, it is on a blog called hailey’s helpful a hints. I found this to be interesting because it went over the different types of belly’s, like the spare tire, the mom belly, the pooch, the bloater and what to do to get rid of that type.


I am a bloater and a pooch combo  incase any of you were wondering. Anyway for a link to that post click here. I really do think it is worth checking out.

Kimmy ( the sticks)

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So I previously posted a recipe for a powdered laundry soap.  I like it and it works well even in cold water loads BUT I have recently been having issues with it dissolving and I never did before.  It finally occurred to me what the problem probably is, the winter makes our cold water even colder!  Too cold to dissolve the powder soap.  I have resisted using liquid homemade detergent simply because it takes up so much space!  I finally found the answer to that.  Laundry Soap in a mousse texture/form.  I saw it on Buget101.com and tried it and loved it!  Here is it.

Oh and I have made a resolution to give a list of the ingredients in the beginning on the post so you don’t have to read through the whole thing just to see what to purchase.

4 cups water (obviously don’t need to purchase but still an ingredient)

1 bar fels naptha (I believe they come in 5.5 oz)

1 cup borax

1 cup super washing soda

2 – 1 quart jars (not sure why but Budget 101 says it will not work if you change the jar size)


Start with 4 cups of hot water in a pot.  Turn the pot on high heat.


In my attempt to catalog the entire process in picture, I took this handy photo of water…in a pot….just in case you didn’t know what I meant I guess.  🙂  Sometimes there is just no explaining the thought process behind the things I feel the need to do, like this picture.

Anyway, while that is warming up, grate 1 bar of fels naptha and set aside.  Then mix 1 cup borax and 1 cup super washing soda (not baking soda) in some bowl and set aside.


Yet another picture that you probably don’t need in order to understand how to mix the borax and super washing soda but here it is anyway.

Dump the grated soap into the pot of water and turn the heat down to medium.  Stir frequently (almost constantly) until the soap is all melted (it should take 10-15 minutes).  If it is not all dissolved by then, you may need to turn the heat up a tinsy bit.  In fact, try to keep the mixture at sort of a low boil or simmer the whole time.


Now, once all melted, add the mixture of borax and super washing soda.


Immediately remove from the heat and stir constantly until well/completely dissolved.  The gritty feeling on the bottom of the pan should be almost or completely gone.

Now, pour this evenly into each of the two quart sized jars.


Now, fill each with hot water up to about 1 1/2 inches from the top.  (I turned the tap on sort of slow so that it didn’t cause a ton of bubbles in the jar).


Tightly close with lids and turn upside down to cool.  Now, allow to cool for 4 hours.  The mixture in the jar WILL separate, that is good!  Now if you wait much longer than 4 hours, Budget 101 says that the soap will be gritty and will have a harder time dissolving in the wash.


Now, mine did not separate as much as the one on Budget 101 but it still worked perfectly.

At this point, carefully remove the lid and use a spatula or spoon to spoon the mixture into a blender.  I spilled a little when I took the lid off, it was fine but difficult to clean up so I suggest doing this over the sink!

Pulse or liquify the mixture in the blender until very well mixed and fluffy.  It will have a texture of mousse, whipped cream, or sort of even mayonnaise.


Spoon it back into the jar and shut the lid and LABEL it because for some reason it looks good enough to eat.  And I have had 3 people say so!


1 to 2 T is totally enough!  I use about 1 for a small or medium load and 2 for an extra big one!  Just scoop it out and place the scoop under the water that fills the drum and let the water rinse it off the scoop.

A few tips also from Budget 101:

Do not use baking soda or oxiclean in this.  They say it will explode.

It does not really have a shelf life.

It has not faded our clothing and can be used in any washing machine, even HE.

MUST be added to the wash directly in the drum, not in the “detergent compartment” if you washer has one.

If it is too gritty when you blend it, I read that you can re-melt it and place it jars again to cool and then blend again.


And to finish off my post with another…rabbit trail (which is what we call going off the subject) I had to let the cat out of the bag and tell the world that Kim (the sticks), has patience!  She is learning to crochet so her attempt to pretend she has no patience is being proven wrong!

Erin, The Burbs

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As a follow up to my chicken noodle soup post yesterday, I decided to share how I save soup for Husband’s lunches.  It is really quite simple, I have a muffin/cupcake pan that makes the over-sized cakes.  I pour the soup into that pan and freeze it.  After its frozen, I run the back of the muffin tin under warm water to loosen the soup and dump them out just like ice cubes from an ice tray.  Next I put each soup into a separate ziplock bag and label them.  Whala!  Portion sized soups!  I stick them in the freezer and then Husband just grabs one and goes in the morning.  It is thawed by the time he eats lunch and he pours it into a bowl and heats it up.  Now I will say that as far as size goes, those larger muffin sized tins hold about 1 cup of soup.  Husband usually eats bread with his soup so he thinks that is enough BUT if you find those are not enough, just put two in one bag instead of one.


I do a lot of these pre-portioned lunch things because Husband leaves the house at about 6:15am and I am not too keen on waking up that early to pack a lunch and we ALWAYS forget to pack lunches the night before.

Erin, The Burbs

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